Chris is running for Dist. 3 City Council to represent the Westside & Valley Gardens because: Public Safety: Determine root cause and eliminate major contributing factors that influence Crime through well written policy. Chris support well funded and properly staffed services for the people, especially our youth, seniors and veterans and in neighborhoods needing the most.
Public Trust & Accountability: A healthy Government for Albuquerque would mean a government people can trust and provide jobs that fill the need in our most dysfunctional areas. It also holds itself accountable to the people, has oversight with limits and consequences to those violating the public’s trust. Chris holds himself accountable to the people and will hold our government accountable.
Economic Opportunity & Development: Supporting Small and local business eliminating “Red Tape’ so that Dist. 3 can thrive economically. Providing our young people with an avenue to college or trade school will help ensure prosperity for the future.
Goals for District 3: Senior Center Police Sub Station Choice is Change! Vote Chris Sedillo for Albuquerque's Westside and Valley Gardens